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Thankful for More Leftovers Station

When the meal is over, and the moments shared together have been cherished, all the tummies are full, and it’s time to start the daunting duty of distributing left-overs, do not, I repeat, DO NOT start digging out that Tupperware. Girl, you and I both know you don’t have lids to half those containers, and the other half is stained from that spaghetti casserole you like so much. So don’t even glance in the general direction of that stuff. 

Snag some budget-friendly single use carry out style containers and send folks packin’ with pieces they don’t have to bring back to you (because your name is written on them in sharpie). Budget-friendly is beautiful when set up like a to-go station sprinkled with seasonal decor. Guests will totally crush on these cute ceramic hand-painted pumpkins by For Pete’s Sake Pottery. Add an adorable tag that works double duty as a contents label and everyone will love it! We set up this spread on a buffet table from Ford’s Furniture, but any countertop type space will suit. We really think this totally trendy Thanksgiving to-go station could be a new holiday tradition! (Bonus – need some spur-of-the-moment wall decor? Grab an embroidery hoop from your craft stash and add a little greenery or maybe a couple of fresh-or-fake florals for a quick wall space filler!)

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