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Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Every person is blessed with different strengths and gifts!
You’ve got the friend who can totally throw down in the kitchen, the gal pal that gives fantastic financial advice, your crafty confidant, the dependable diva who always has your back,.. so many femme folks to celebrate!
As we are ALL aware, a holiday like Thanksgiving takes a tribe of people all doing their part to make it happen. These efforts do not go unnoticed! So, how do you show appreciation to the brave soul sister who volunteers to host such an event?!

Above: Sangria Kit
Once the crowd files out, all she’ll need is a glass and a Hallmark movie! Toss together ingredients to make her favorite sangria into a clear glass drink dispenser, like this one I found on Amazon.

Caramel Apple Kit
A gift she can share or keep all to herself! Include all the fixins for the most scrumptious caramel apples ever!

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