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Halfway Homemade Cake Toppers

Alright gals, we totally double-dipped on the Halfway Homemade method with this celebration inspiration! First, you already know we are big fans of finding a grocery store ready-to-go cake and upgrading it with fruit slices, candy pieces, or even simple sprinkles! This time, we are taking it to the next level with Halfway Homemade Cake Toppers!

Once you have selected your gorgeous grocery store cake, prop it up on a pretty cake stand. (This is a standard celebration staple around here. We recommend looking for a solid or neutral stand that could be used across seasons and celebrations!) Next, take a dive into your craft closet and emerge with some scrapbook attachments or accessories that complement your occasion. We were drawn to these cute fancy little florals that are perfect for this project. (If you are not a scrapbooking sister, take a stroll down the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store. It is like a true treasure trove of crafty goodness!) 

Finally, use your tried-and-true Surebonder glue gun to secure your small pretty pieces to the top of cake pop sticks or slender craft sticks. (Pro Tip: We always like to use our handy silicone mat to protect our work surface from accidental drips which peel off easily making clean-up a breeze.) Slide the end of your HH cake toppers down into the middle of your cake at varying heights for a deliciously pleasing look!

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