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DIY Painted Pumpkin

Listen, ladies, this isn’t the Mona Lisa! There’s no need to shy away from all things DIY. This project is easy peasy! You’ve totally got this! 

painted pumpkin with gold splashes

Start with a faux pumpkin (we went gaga over this deep gray color). Using a wide bristle brush, dip into glitzy gold paint and make short swipes sporadically across the space. Take your time. Make a few marks then pause to see how it looks. Add a few more swipes and stop to decide how you like what you see.

Quick Tip: It’s easy to add more marks, but not so much to take them away. We love how the bright gold gleams against the gray pumpkin – precious! Next, we picked a white pumpkin. We liked how clean and classic it looked, so we simply mod-podged the stem and added gold glitter. 

Finally, a traditional orange pumpkin gets a glamorous makeover when we add eyelashes with a permanent marker! We can’t wait to see the unique gathering of gourds you put together for your porch!

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