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Certified Celebrator

How did Certified Celebrator come to be….

A little over 8 years ago Brittany had her little boy and became obsessed with creating memories for him and her whole family. She picked up a jar of Valentine’s Day sprinkles from the grocery and put them on top of frozen breakfast pancakes! Little did she know that something so small and simple would become a holiday tradition that her family would look forward to many times throughout the year.

From there she started planning over-the-top parties for friends, family, and her social media following. She quickly realized she wasn’t the only busy momma wanting to throw a party and create family memories on a realistic budget.  Brittany is not a professional event planner… just a girl who loves to celebrate the people in her life by bringing them together around a perfectly decorated home. She encourages and inspires women all over the world to do the same by sharing her entertaining tips, parties, and giftie ideas on her blog.

Brittany’s parties have been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, Southern Living, Pickler & Ben, Country Living Fair, and Nashville’s Talk of the Town!

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Brittany Young

CEO & Founder

Brittany lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and 8-year-old little boy! A typical day is spent playing tourist in their town, enjoying the food scene, listening to live music, and making memories every day!

Brittany’s heart is set on encouraging women to intentionally celebrate the people in their lives and build joyfully celebrated homes!

Jennifer Mowry
Creative Director

Jennifer and Brittany work hand in hand creating content for brands, the blog, videos, and THE BOOK! Jennifer leads the vision and sees each project/party through. She will develop anywhere from 3-6 Creative projects a week!

She is 100% responsible for maintaining Brittany’s sanity and keeping her on track for long-term goals.

IT Specialist

Meko is the brains behind the website, membership sites, and emails. She is #1 on the speed dial for ALL THE SMART & TECHY things. We give her all the credit for our incredible growth in the online world.