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Fall Snack Board

One of my most cherished fall activities to do with my Brady Bug is to visit our local orchard and pick apples. If you are ever in the Bowling Green area or have an orchard close to you, I highly recommend it. We have had a lot of precious moments and made a lot of memories there. 

Delicious fall snack board with variety of apples, dips, and snack options.

Whether you visit an orchard or the grocery store, bring home your fruity bounty and create the perfect fall snack board! I love the variety of apples offered, plus the opportunity to pair your slice with something sweet (like a caramel cube) or something salty (like a pretzel square). Flavored cheeses are also a must. And it may sound cheesy, but my eye loves the visual of the repeating simple shapes – lots of squares and lots of rounds – it is so pleasing to look at, let alone eat! I added a few live eucalyptus leaves for decoration. 

Whip up this festive fall snack tray for after school, family game night, small group Bible study, or whatever is on your celebration calendar this month!

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