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Fall Serenity-Scape

Set the scene for self serenity with this peaceful fall-scape. Steal away from the hustle and bustle of the day and create a calm atmosphere to read, reflect, or even just breathe. Break out a comfy blanket and surround yourself with things that make you smile.

Every momma deserves a moment to herself, but we know we can’t expect it to just be handed to us. Just like with planned celebrations, we must also be intentional about building in time for self-care. If coffee is the main ingredient in your tranquil time, blend a little liquid joy into your brew.

Sweeten your sips with a splash of brown sugar and cinnamon Southern Whiskey Cream from Jackson Morgan. Pour and pause, in that moment it’s just you and your mug and everything else just melts away. Share this serene secret with a friend! Pick up a precious coffee cup, add a little filler or paper shred, then finish it off with a mini bottle of Jackson Morgan and your gift is ready to go!

Round wooden tray with fall leaves and pinecones, and a bottle of Jackson Morgan.

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