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Peach Cream & Cones

One of the stars of summer celebrations is of course – ice cream! This month we will pair this traditional treat with the fresh flavor of peach – Yum! Peach ice cream is available from a variety of brands, or you can always try your hand at making your own. Homemade no-churn ice cream sounds like a golden opportunity for family fun in the kitchen! Spoon sweet scoops of peach ice cream into crunchy waffle cones to create a cool crisp summer celebration treat. The sprinkles on top of this delicious dessert are graham cracker crumbles for a scrumptious finishing touch.

Peach ice cream in waffle cones.

Sometimes, mommas, we make things a little different for the adults versus our kiddos, don’t we? We tweak recipes based on the tastes of our tikes, like making half of the casserole with onions, the other without. We serve their drinks with a swirly straw, ours in a stemmed glass. The grown-up version of Peach Cream & Cones comes with swigs of smooth whiskey cream.

Brittany with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Peaches & Cream.

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream is available in seven sensational hand-crafted flavors perfect for shaking or sipping. This month, we are focusing on the Peaches and Cream flavor, a warm-weather favorite. Pair your bowl or cone of ice cream with a cool cup of chilled whiskey cream to say farewell to summer, celebrate the kids going back to school, or just to sit back and enjoy a sunny Saturday!

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Peaches & Cream.

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