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Summer Succulent Wreath

Spotlight succulents on this easy peasy summer wreath project! Start with a simple wreath base. Arrange your faux succulents however you think looks best, and attach in place using your trusty Surebonder glue gun. 

I am absolutely head over heels for Surebonder’s new Lynn Lilly line of products! As a fellow crafter, Lynn also saw the quality in Surebonder brand items, and the pair collaborated to come up with this magical new addition to their merchandise. One of my favorite features of this edition is the cordless convenience provided by the heating stand! I love not being limited by the length of a cord. Simply allow the gun to heat up while on the stand, then when ready carry to your project, glue your little heart out, and return the gun to the heat stand. Bonus – the Lynn Lilly edition comes complete with a circular silicone pad attached to catch any accidental drips! Snag one of these beauties on the Surebonder site!

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