Fave Fitness Wear

Hey friends! I am so thankful for all of you who are encouraging me and cheering me on in my journey as I’ve been focusing more and more on my personal health and fitness. Sadly, in today’s world so many females compete with each other and tear each other down when they should be building each other up. I feel so blessed to be apart of a sisterhood where we all want to see each other grow and progress and succeed!

That being said, if you’re thinking about starting a fitness routine or joining a gym and need some ideas for active wear, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fitness items!

I love wearing black on black. I feel like not only do I look slimmer, but it’s like things that might jiggle are less noticeable when I’m moving and jumping around, if ya know what I mean 😉
Speaking of nixing the jiggle, I am certified obsessed with the Fabletics line of leggings. They have a high waist band which makes everything feel tucked into place, and the compression really holds everything in nice and tight. I generally opt to either snag a short or capri length because of my height. Now I do occasionally wear other brands, but in comparison they feel more like athleisure pants, whereas the Fabletics are my faves and I will always go to them for the more serious sweat stuff! (Bonus – Fabletics also dry way quicker!) While black is my go-to, I do sometimes change it up and sport bright colors like the pink. How fun to wear to like a dance or Zumba class!

On the top end, I have found Under Armour to be a little more generous in size, but I like Nike as well. One thing I do regardless of brand is to order my size in a Tall if I have the option. I feel like this provides me a little more length and coverage which in turn gives me more comfort and confidence!

I swear by these New Balance tennis shoes. They are the sock form fitting type and I wear them religiously. I have high arches and have difficulty finding shoes that work for me. Well call me Cinderella because this shoe fits girls!

Some people carry a fun water bottle with a sassy saying, or maybe sport rainbow shoelaces, something to make us smile during a sweat sesh! For me, it is a funky bright headband! While functionally it does hold the hair out of my face and keeps my sweat back, a happy headband makes me feel like a Certified Celebrator even during a workout! I love these with the top knot that I pick up (affordably!) on Amazon.

Finally, my Fitbit is an essential!! It keeps track of everything for me so I can focus on sweat sessions, celebrations, and sprinkles!

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