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Galentine’s Giftie

Ladies, let’s promise not to forget our faithful female friends this Valentine’s Day! Nothing against the fellas or family members or significant others that found their way to the center of our hearts, but let’s also honor our soul sisters, shall we? There is just something so sooo special about the connection and camaraderie between girlfriends. Celebrate the bond you share with the beautiful babes who play such a real and relevant role in your lifestory!

This holiday, I am already reaching for these pristinely packaged mouthwatering morsels from Russell Stover. Y’all, sometimes I swear – sweets speak directly to my SOUL. I admit that I absolutely adore the traditional festive variety box by Russell Stover. While I do enjoy noshing on my favorites (obviously!), I am such a sucker for adventure that I get giddy just thinking about trying all the different flavors and combinations! Seriously! Sometimes I don’t even want a sneak peak at the listing of what lies inside – just let me fall in love at first bite! The simple sight of one of these beautiful boxes is enough to make her heart skip a beat! You need not wrap, bag, or present – this giftie is certified ready-to-go!

Listen, you are in luck! Pick out two heavenly heart boxes on russellstover.com and get the third 50% with code: HEART. At that pretty price, you can pick one out for all your most precious gal pals!

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