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Prepare for Christmas in August

What is the best way to prevent a holiday hoopla hazard?

I know it seems early, call me crazy, but if you call me in December I’ll be cool as a cucumber because YES I start preparing for Christmas in August!
Use my monthly guide below to calm the chaos this holiday season!


  • Create a Budget
  • Find a cute notebook you will use for your 2020 Christmas season.
  • Who do you share a gift with? Who will you buy for and who will you DIY for? Write a list.
  • Gather gift ideas and keep them in a list, check them off as you go.


  • Start DIY hand-crafted gifts.
  • Keep your eye open for random gifts that people on your “buy” list will enjoy.
  • “Pin” and search for decor/entertaining/holiday crafts you will want to complete for December.
  • Who do you send Christmas cards to? Write a list.


  • Start gathering supplies for holiday craft projects.
  • Begin seriously shopping for Christmas “buy” recipients.
  • Make all handcrafted gifts.


  • Order and mail Christmas cards.
  • Plan out December events and activities and create a bucket list.
  • Plan to host one party in your home.
  • Plan out the family Advent calendar.


  • Display your December bucket list.
  • Finish decorating your home.
  • Wrap all gifts.
  • Enjoy your Advent calendar.
  • Cherish the month of December with your family.

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