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Fall Bucket List

There are few things sadder than looking back with regret of moments and memories missed. We all lead such busy lives, truth be told not just busy but even chaotic in spurts, that often it seems that time itself speeds by faster than a momma late to a PTA meeting! What can we do to reverse those nasty feelings of regret?

I know many of us live our lives based on lists. To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Check Lists, and School Supply Lists – do you know how many apps there are just to manage our mazillion lists?! List Makers – that lets you know you are not alone! These organizational tools can be super helpful (if I walk into the grocery without a list, there is NO TELLING what I will walk out of there with, ESPECIALLY if I’m HUNGRY.) Lists can also seem daunting, like a never-ending array of tasks that will never get completely accomplished.

If you only make ONE list this season – I have only ONE recommendation…


Gather up your tribe and get input on things everyone wants to do this season! You might be surprised at what is important to them (or even more shocked by what they mutually agree on!! Haha 😉 ) Maybe you always thought your fam just went along with visiting that fall craft market because you enjoy it – then your kiddos put the market on the Bucket List! * Mind Blown * Creating your list is half the fun!

Not sure where to begin?
I created a starter list just for you!
What events or memories would you add? Are there any other interesting fall traditions that your family would never skip out on?

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