Fancy Fall Foyer

Invite guests into your home through an entrance that really makes a statement! For this fancy fall foyer, focus on adding a few key items that complement your year-round decor. Pieces that can multi-task or serve several purposes top our list. We also love looking for versatile decor that can work its magic in a variety of spaces and settings. 

Foyer console table with large clock and other fall decorative items.
Wooden tray with plant and book.

This adorable and adaptable long tray helps highlight items you want to have handy (like our new book Celebrate with Sprinkles!). A beautiful basket can keep clutter at bay. The natural textiles and surfaces you select will bring the outdoors in for a real fall feel. 

Feature a favorite family photo in a rustic frame that fits the scheme. Wooden candlesticks supply the varying visual height we always strive for in our decor.

Wooden picture frame and tall candle stick.
Brittany with wooden picture frame.

There are so many cozy, elegant, and sophisticated pieces to pick from at Mud Pie! One of our most-cherished characteristics of this beloved brand is how universal the items are, such that they suit every style and season!