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Enhance Your Quality of Life

Celebrations, regardless of size or reason, enhance our quality of life. Allow that to sink in. One of the factors we focus on around here is not putting the pressure on ourselves to make things picture-perfect or Pinterest-perfect.

Brittany with pink florals in the kitchen.

When we step back from an opportunity to celebrate because we think it won’t be big enough or won’t be as good as when our neighbor does it, we rob ourselves of that chance to enhance our quality of life. When we limit the reasons we celebrate to just birthdays and national holidays, we are missing out on sooo much! Mommas, the more we work even small celebrations into the mix, the more we love life!! Hear me out. It is so good for our mental and physical health to see a celebration coming up on our calendar. Having something to look forward to has a way of putting a spring in our steps; a way of brightening our smiles and lifting our spirits.

Whether the celebration is with your close-knit friends and family, coworkers, or a small group from church – the event strengthens our sense of belonging and makes us feel a connection to those loved ones. (And the connection goes both ways! Tell me you don’t get butterflies when your little girl invites you to a tea party with her stuffed animals! Though a small occasion, it feels good to be invited! It is uplifting to feel your presence requested at their event.) When we find reasons to celebrate with those important to us, it really strengthens those bonds and ties between us. Whether it’s a group of gal pals gathering over chips and salsa to celebrate a promotion, coworkers celebrating the end of a tough quarter over coffee, or a family celebrating with a winding ride down a country road because the son found the mom’s favorite earrings she was sure she had lost (which may seem small to you but it was BIG to this momma!). 

Celebrations, regardless of size or reason, enhance our quality of life. I want to encourage you to find even the smallest reasons to celebrate and schedule them on your calendar. Take time to notice how you feel when you see that event approaching. When the occasion arrives, be present in that moment and connect with those around you. Enjoy that charge you feel, that happiness, and hold onto it as long as you can! May it help fuel your smile and your soul until your next scheduled celebration!

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