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Pizza Night Perfection

Any other busy mommas out there carry a long trusted tradition of a weekly pizza night?! Ya’ll, I’m over here enthusiastically raising my hand too, no judgement!! I simply cannot provide a wholesome home cooked meal every night (or even most nights, who are we kidding?) Halfway Homemade recipes are thrown together in my kitchen on a regular basis, and tried and trusted pizza night definitely makes a weekly appearance!

I will tell you more often than not, we pop a frozen pie in the oven versus ordering delivery. I find it convenient to be in control of the timing instead of waiting on the delivery driver. Letting the kiddos be in control of the toppings also raises the probability that they will devour every slice, so set out some choices!

Even if pizza night is a weekly tradition in your home, that doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring. With fun printables and bundles like this available with your Celebrate with Sprinkles membership (just click on the “Celebrate Every Day” section), you will hand toss this tradition right into the next level! Make Pizza Night sauceome again! 🙂

(Skip the after party clean up with this pizza-themed disposable supplies set I found on Amazon!)

The pizza doesn’t have to be the only thing heating up! While the pie is in the oven, let the interactive activities begin! The Word Search will have them eyeing the page for themed terms, prime choice of slice to the person who completes it first! Coloring pages aren’t just for kids! Pizza enthusiasts of all ages are invited to put their creative spin on our custom coloring sheets. Put down the devices and pick up our conversation cards to keep the family focused on this quality time and memory making opportunity.

If we are trying to take this Pizza Party to the next level, yet at the same time keep prep and effort minimal, then we don’t need to go over the top with complicated centerpieces and decor. I pulled out some chargers I already had that matched the theme, and used my usual plain white plates. (Tip: If ever you find yourself in the market for new dishes, I have to recommend crisp, clean, classic white! It will match anything you throw at it, every holiday and every season!) Our handy dandy bundle also includes this adorable printable that doubles as a sensational centerpiece when simply popped into an old photo frame! Easy Peasy Pizza Pleasy!

(Tip: If you have ever burnt your fingers doing DIY crafts and projects, I have to recommend Surebonder dual temp glue guns! You can set them on low so they don’t get so insanely hot, and several even come with auto-shutoff in case your craft time gets interrupted by a kid crisis like “he’s touching me” or “she won’t give me back my Legos” and you forget to turn it off!)

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