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Guest Room Welcome Guide

Welcome weary travelers into your humble abode with a gift basket full of goodies awaiting them in the guest bedroom. I usually include a few fun festive holiday treats, fresh towels, sweet and salty snacks, small size toiletries, and a little something to sip on. During the holidays, I like to toss in a little Christmas flair like this lil red reindeer just for good measure! 

The same goes for the guest bedroom decor. I keep most of my everyday items in place but add just a touch of tinsel and spirit. A tousled bed scarf near the base brings a little Christmas color and pattern to your usual comforter. Pick a couple of holiday pillows to place at the head of the bed, and embrace a few select embellishments to adorn nightstands and dresser tops, and consider your decorative duty complete! 

Finally, consider your guests and prepare with intention. If my visitors are coffee connoisseurs, I move my small coffee machine and a variety of k-cups up to the guest room for their convenience. This way, whatever time they get up they can go ahead and enjoy their morning brew without feeling like they might disturb others by traipsing downstairs and rummaging through cupboards and pantries looking for the caffeine! (Always one of my main worries when I myself am a guest! Ha Ha!)

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