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Effortless Brunch

Celebrating something special doesn’t always have to mean an extravagant (aka expensive) night out on the town. Sometimes it’s fun to plan something fancy in your own backyard! Literally!

Planning a fun fancy brunch doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We all have items we don’t use on a daily basis – may be items we are “saving” for a special occasion. Whatever it is, just use what you already have – as long as it makes you smile!

Pattern mixing makes my soooo heart happy! This is totally my new obsession. Not only do I love the look on this brunch table, but I mix patterns a lot in my home as well! Yes, I have been known to even mix patterns in my outfits. A black and white pattern mixed with any other bright pattern will ALWAYS work. (Okay, maybe not always, but 97.26% of the time!)

Break out the goooood plates and print up some DIY place cards to play up your tablescape. Stamps make customizing simple for every party and event!

Are you swooning over these floral plates?! I totally snagged them on Amazon. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. (If you aren’t keen on taking breakable plates outdoors, feast your peepers on these pretty paper plates!)

Print or hand script your simple menu. Paste onto colored copy paper or cardstock with a little washi tape to accent your design. Don’t forget the Grocery Store Flowers for added pops of color.

The beauty of this is that you are utilizing things you already have, but in a fresh new environment! The items on your menu might even already be in your fridge or pantry. Serve that sweet tea in your finest stemware. Dig your fabric napkins out of the dark depths of that drawer. Pull out enough seating for the number of guests you’re expecting. Recruit some assistance taking your table outside. It’s time to get your Brunch on!

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