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Treasure Tray

This St. Patrick’s Day, arrange a rainbow of colorful fruits onto a snack board with a truly tasty treasure to indulge in at the end! This luscious line up will have friends and family feeling lucky to partake. With fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, mangos, grapes, and raspberries each plate will boast a bright, cheerful, edible rainbow of healthy hues! Don’t forget the best part of the tray – this tasty treasure pairs perfectly with the festival of fresh fruits. The gratifying gold at the end of our radiant rainbow of juicy gems is, of course, indulgent drops of Russell Stover chocolates!

This tastebud-tempting treasure tray makes a mouthwatering breakfast buffet, a satisfying after-school snack board, or even a holiday-at-home appetizer. This festive fusion of fresh fruits and gourmet chocolates is such a fun and simple way to intentionally celebrate a holiday that doesn’t always get as much hype. You can take St. Patty’s day to the next level for your celebration squad with minimal time and effort. A quick swing through the supermarket for some pretty produce and a bag or box of classic Russell Stover chocolates will easily make this St. Patty’s their lucky day!

What treasures will you find from Russell Stover?

Rainbow of fruits and chocolates on snack board.

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