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Creative Crate Gifties

Anyone else’s heart absolutely leap at the creative opportunity to give thoughtfully and intentionally to others?! When I feast my eyes on fun, festive, bright, cheerful ways to celebrate others, I can literally feel my heart start to race! My mind starts running through my mental Rolodex of aaaalllllll my loved ones I wholeheartedly adore, and I get so giddy at the mere thought of taking time to create something custom that will bring joy to someone I care for!

This is exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on these mini egg crates. The gears started turning and I could imagine so many creative possibilities for perfectly petite little presents for people I love! Consider how easy it could be to customize a few fun items nestled inside these little crates according to your remarkable recipient! For example, I am more than positive many of my gal pals would greatly appreciate and enthusiastically enjoy the small token of sips of our favorite sweet Southern Cream from Jackson Morgan! These mini bottles, with their petite packaging, are a perfect fit for these cutesy little crates! You can even customize a combination of items and flavors based on their personal taste. For your dark chocolate diva, a bottle of salted caramel with drops of dark chocolate candies! For your citrus sister, pair whipped orange cream with sugared orange slice candies! The personalized possibilities and custom combinations could continue on and on!

When celebrating with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, there is a flavor for all your favorite folks to get egg-cited about!

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in a cluster of pastel eggs.

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