Ring in Spring with RS Creams!

We love it when companies and brands care enough about their audience and customers to ask for and utilize our feedback, am I right?! Russell Stover has done just that! They sent out a survey and the resounding response was that EVERYONE can’t get enough of the CREAMS! So listen, if you have never tried the variety of delicious creams from Russell Stover – This. Is. Your. SIGN!

Russell Stover chocolate creams in the copper foil box.

Dark and milk chocolate creams by Russell Stover.

Find them at your local grocery or gift store in their dazzling copper-foil gift box collection. With soft, creamy centers nestled inside coatings of smooth dark chocolate or rich milk chocolate, this assortment of treats will excite the most discerning palate. Let the fruity flavors of raspberry, orange, strawberry help you celebrate the spring season! The assortment also features chocolate butter, maple nut, coconut, vanilla cream with a white chocolate stripe, and milk chocolate truffle with a milk chocolate stripe. In addition, Russell Stover includes a mix of milk and dark chocolate, so there is literally something for everyone! We adore Russell Stover chocolates for all celebration occasions! Putting together a few adult Easter baskets? These delicious pieces are PERFECT! Celebrate FriYAY and take a box to work! Enjoy sharing with coworkers on a break out in this beautiful sunshine!

Can I tell you a Certified Celebrator secret? These copper-foil boxes are such a great gift, I keep a few on hand here at the house for those impromptu or unexpected (or accidentally forgotten) celebration situations! Seriously, these decadent chocolate creams are a tasty, thoughtful, broad-spectrum gift that anyone on your list will love!

Brittany with box of Russell Stover chocolates.