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After School Snack Ideas

Surprise! We invited a few friends over for after-school snacks! To create these crunchy celery snacks, we used sliced celery sticks smothered in the center with creamy peanut butter. This is where the creativity kicks in! You can choose to use different kinds of fruits and veggies to create a variety of crawly critters! For example, we used an orange slice to make a snail! 

Various snacks made into fun creatures for kiddos.

You could prepare this snack in advance with a specific grocery list, or you can challenge yourself to use just what’s already in your fridge! We found apple slices, blueberries, grapes, cashews, and even made a head from a random baby cherry tomato. You’ve totally got this, mommas! The possibilities are endless! The last step will be your kiddo’s fave so don’t forget it – add the actual edible eyes as a finishing touch to your squad of squirmy snacks!

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