S’more Summer Family Fun

Intentionally celebrate the end of summer with S’mores! Keep the fam on their toes with a twist on tradition by creatively combining a classic with a Halfway Homemade upgrade! Enjoy your fam’s favorite summer meal together and follow up with a S’mores Surprise Dessert. Sounds completely scrumptious, right? But lucky you, sister, because it’s so simple to put together! 

Brittany with Russell Stover S'mores!

As you’re at the grocery gathering up supplies for supper, snag a bag of Russell Stover S’mores Bars – sweet marshmallows, covered in creamy milk chocolate sandwiched between crisp graham cracker cookies. These individually wrapped sweet treats embody summer fun and are definitely a fan favorite. Head to the bakery and pick out a cake you think would pair well with the S’mores Bars. (Sometimes we even spy them on sale!) Bring home your bounty and bust out the goods. Decorate the ready-made cake with the fun summer flavor of S’mores by making a sweet little stack on top!

Pro Tip: Take this tasty treat to the next level with a flamin’ DIY cake topper! Check your craft stash for tissue paper in red, orange, and yellow. Grab a battery-operated tea light candle. Arrange the candle at center and pull up the various tissue papers around it to form a flame! Smokin’ accessory to your S’mores cake but so simple!

Grocery store cake with a stack of S'mores on top.