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Extra Dessert Day

Elevate your sweet tooth experience this September 4th in celebration of “Extra Dessert Day”! Yes y’all, this is definitely one of those interesting and unique holidays I can totally get on board with! Being intentional about this celebration is simple, especially with Russell Stover chocolates on your side. 

Now I readily admit that I keep these specific sweets in stock, so I can indulge when the day calls for a little momma moment. If you don’t have these mighty morsels in your pantry, no worries, you can pick up a box or bag at your local grocery store. While you’re there, browse the bakery for a cake that calls out your name. I’m telling you, listen and you’ll hear it! I mean, this strawberry shortcake was basically shouting at me, what can I say? I snagged a little basket of berries to complement the cake and brought my bounty on home.

Next, I delicately sliced petite pieces of cake and topped each with a single strawberry and a select piece of decadent Russell Stover chocolate. I adore how the chocolate flavor complements the cake and even takes the look of the dessert to the next level. For “Extra Dessert Day”, I highly recommend you treat your sweet tooth to the taste of Russell Stover chocolates!

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