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Work It with Washi Tape

Bring the basics back into your DIY with washi tape for the win! Simple items like this unadorned little wooden picture frame get a beauty makeover when striped with strips of color and pattern! Call on your crafty side to take this clipboard from blah to Ta-Da! There’s really nothing to it! Create a pleasing little pattern with washi tape to up the WOW effect. Simple skewers show off some sass with funky flags made from washi tape. Stick these into a cheerful jar of sprinkles to brighten your counter, desk, or workspace.

Washi tape decorated frame, clipboard, and skewers.

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” quite like homemade (even if only halfway ;)! To me, personal touches on cards and gifts truly make a celebration special. Dip into your craft stash or even just create some blank cards from copy paper or card stock (you know around here we like to use what we have on hand!). Use a variety of washi tape pieces in varying heights to create candles on the front of your card – so cute!

The same goes for gift tags – what once was blank is now made beautiful with washi tape. This is such an inexpensive option to easily elevate crafts and gifts. The opportunities are endless when using what washi tape you have on hand or considering adding to your collection. If you are not a big crafter but are interested in getting started small, washi tape is a great way to break into the craft circle!

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