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Taco Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Taco Board

Mommas, we don’t have to recreate the wheel or come up with some grand brand-spankin’ new scheme or perform some large labor of love to do a nice thing for our families. Sometimes, we just take a tried and true treasure (like Taco Tuesday) and simply give it a special spin! Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something visually pleasing about arranging a colorful variety of foods on a tray or board. Call me crazy, because I am Loco for this Taco Board! Rather than having the ingredients spread out on my countertop, I simply arranged them onto my serving board. Pretty presentation makes this ordinary meal feel more like a fun fiesta for the fam!

Mini Margs to Share

Missing your usual Taco Tuesday tribe? Send your sassy señoritas a sweet reminder of good times together. Write out the recipe on a cute card and include ingredients in a delightful little cup and drop on their doorstep! After all, what’s Taco Tuesday without a margarita for momma? 

Ingredients: 1½ parts tequila, 1½ parts agave syrup, 3 parts lime juice. Share as a front porch giftie or enjoy on your own. Cute cups compliments of @twofunnygirls on Instagram.

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Brittany and her book Celebrate with Sprinkles.

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