Go Faux It! – DIY Decor

As much as I favor my fresh florals, when it comes to me and my house, I’m not sure I can maintain ONE MORE THING at this moment! Is anybody else riding this wave with me? Somedays I could celebrate just keeping a child and a dog alive, all else might just go by the wayside girls, no promises!

Therefore, I completely adore this DIY decor using fancy but sooo faux succulents! (Seriously though, I am so excited to have succulents that won’t die after two days!) Start with clear glass vases (empty candle jars could work too!) and add a scoop or two of dry beans as a neutral and natural base. (It does need to be deep enough to help your succulent stand, depending on the length of its stem.) Select a faux succulent to center in each vase and voila!

Faux succulents in glass vases.

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