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Father’s Day Float

What do you get when you mix classic root beer, vanilla ice cream, and chilled whiskey cream in salted caramel? A Happy Father’s Day Float!

Yes, y’all – I mean, YUM! A flavorful float is just what Father’s Day ordered, whether enjoyed as a drink or even a dessert! Spoon a couple creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream into a chilled mug, top with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in salted caramel, and finish with cold classic root beer! Take it to the next level with a little whipped cream and a cherry or a drizzle of caramel if you are feelin’ fancy!

Whiskey cream, root beer, ice cream floats in tall glasses.

If the Daddy-O of your heart has never tried this southern favorite, introducing him to Jackson Morgan Southern Cream will be a gift all in itself! This family-owned whiskey cream company creates unique offerings for others to enjoy during special celebrations with friends and family. Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to bust out a buffet of boozy flavors for him to try! If root beer is not his jam, or salted caramel doesn’t please his palate, I can guarantee there is another flavor on the list that will tickle his taste buds! Visit The Sip to surf through countless craveable recipes!

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