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Catch Up on Missed Celebrations in the Caribbean!

Okay. I have a serious question.
Once a person has returned from a trip, how many days should one wait to book another vacation? Is there an appropriate or minimum acceptable number? I need to know because y’all, I just got back from a gorgeous getaway and I swear to you I am already scanning my calendar for potential future escape dates!!

I have to tell you, this trip was exactly what we needed. Prior to booking our lil getaway, I had been doing some thinking. You know the name of the game around here is CELEBRATE. And while I am so glad that things are beginning to resemble some form of normal, I want to be open and tell you I was having trouble getting over the celebrations, moments, and opportunities we missed over the past year or so. Yes, I know we all did the best we could with what we had under the circumstances we were given. But I really wanted to do something to celebrate BIG to, in a way, make up for the celebrations we either missed out on or kept low key in the previous months.
That’s when I knew it was time to whisk everyone away on a vacay with Cheap Caribbean!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some snippets I shared during our stay at Dreams Resort Macao Beach Punta Cana. (Honestly, I can totally see why they call it “Dreams” because you feel like you are living in a fantasy the entire time you are there!)

And immediately I know what you might be thinking: “Living in a fantasy sounds beyond my budget.” Now, I will readily admit… when I first heard about Cheap Caribbean years and years ago, and I saw the packages and prices – I thought it seemed too good to be true. I kept thinking I must be missing something. I read and reread, I asked lots of questions, I checked and double-checked. But. My name is Brittany Young and I am here to confirm by (repeated) personal experience that Cheap Caribbean is the REAL DEAL.

One of my main compliments of Cheap Caribbean is that you are catered with convenience. When first visiting the website, you are welcomed by sooo many options. You can start right away with your package selection (hotel & flight, hotel, or cruise). You can browse the potential destinations and available deals, or even surf through the list of specific resorts! There is literally something for everyone. We chose a family-focused location for this trip to ensure Brady also had a blast, but if you are looking for more of a girls’ trip/spa & wellness, or an adults-only option or whatever you are into, Cheap Caribbean has it!

Speaking of Brady having a blast, y’all, he took fuuuullll advantage of the Bottomless Bahama Mamas. (Yes, he was full vacay-mode with countless cups of this fruity favorite, kid-friendly version of course.) Our trip was all-inclusive, which at our specific resort meant drinks, food, gratuities, and basic resort activities and entertainment were ALL included in our travel price. (Sidebar – I can’t describe to you how FREEING it is not to have to carry your purse or pocketbook everywhere you go. So. Stinkin. Lovely.)

Our resort definitely boasted an active and lively atmosphere. There was always something going on or something to do! With so many families and kids of all ages beboppin’ around to all these awesome activities – Brady made a new buddy every single day. It made my heart smile so big!
A blurb from their website says it well: “The ultimate aqua-fun experience can be found at the water park which includes slides, a lazy river and more. Once night falls at Dreams Macao Beach, magical moments are created with music, parties, live shows. Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana – Unlimited-Luxury offers a family-friendly, modern vacation experience for all.”
Y’all. There was even bowling and an arcade on-site. Rain day? No problem!!

I stand by what I said. Fantasy.

You don’t have to take it from this repeat customer. Review readers rejoice – you can check out the thousands of rave ratings and comments from other travelers. Scan photos from various resorts and read about the restaurants, entertainment, and activities they have to offer. Customer Service is also insanely helpful and will guide you every step of the way.

Most Importantly – Consider your crew. Make up for any moments you missed with all the memories you’ll make together on your trip!

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