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Beach Bag BOOM

We love finding beauty in the unexpected, don’t we? Something about unusual takes on everyday items just grab our attention – in a good way! That’s exactly how I feel about our
Beach Bag BOOM!

For this simple DIY, we use a regular beach bag as a base for our patriotic presentation of fireworks and decor!’

Whether you are limited on space and looking to make the most BANG in a small bag, or you just adore outside the box ideas, this beach bag BOOM can work its magic for you!

Simply gather up some theme-related pieces: flags, fireworks (real or decorative, whatever you have on hand!), pinwheels, colored flowers,.. seriously a hod podge of items in varying heights and sizes will look awesome. You could even attach some balloons to your bag handles! Truly, the sky is the limit and there is not a particular list of supplies you must follow. I’m interested to know what unique items you toss in your bag!

If you want, you could even add some trinkets to your bag to make it more festive! Create a band of ribbon around your bag that reflects your color theme. I added these stars that I had from another project, you probably have similar items in your craft storage that are dying to be part of your next project! Heaven knows when I packed and organized everything to make the transition to the new house, I shocked myself with the array of stuff in my seemingly bottomless pit of a craft closet. I know I can’t be the only one! Tell me I’m not the only one… Do we need to start a support group?! 😉

I love that this beach bag idea is so versatile! Think of the themes you could celebrate…
Birthday Bag with balloons and streamers, Pool Party Bag (anyone else envisioning pink flamingos?!), Christmas at the Beach Bag,… The possibilities are endless!

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