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Grocery Store Flowers for the Fourth

If you’ve been hanging around this blog for very long, you are well aware of my certified obsession with fresh flowers from the grocery store.
I want them in a mug on my desk, in a bowl on my dining room table, sticking out of a football at my tailgate party, …
They. Make. Me. Happy.

Today I’m hoping to spread this joy by sharing with you a DIY idea for the upcoming holiday!
Grocery Store Flowers for the Fourth!

Snag some fresh flowers from the grocery in red, white, and blue. (If they are out of or you are having trouble finding any of these colors, you could totally mix in some faux florals if you need to, I won’t tell!)
Gather up some small clear jars. These could be little votive candle jars, tiny mason jars, baby food jars, or numerous possibilities! You need enough to be able to create a rectangular shape with an even number of rows. Calculate fewer jars for a smaller space or smaller amount of flowers, and vice versa. Fill each about 1/2 full with water.
(Hint: arrange this inside of a tray for easier mobility.)

Let that flag fly across your arrangement!
Blue flowers will grace the top left of the rectangle. Begin with a red stripe on the top row and alternate to end with a white stripe across the bottom row.

What a gorgeous accent or centerpiece to celebrate our American the Beautiful!
This arrangement would be perfect in so many settings from your dining room table to an outdoor barbecue – Old Glory just fits right in wherever she blows! 😉

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