Grown Up Easter Basket

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids? Momma loves chocolate just as much as her littles, am I right? As long as it has a Russell Stover chocolate bunny inside, count me aaalllll in for an adult Easter basket! 

Make it big and bright, or dial it back with a farmhouse chic look featuring neutral tones. It’s okay to skip the neon plastic “grass” filler and sub in some regular paper shred. Toss in a cute coffee cup and and a few faux eggs for a darling combination. Choose a classic milk chocolate bunny or another flavor from the Russell Stover line (they are all decadent and delicious) to be the hero of your holiday basket!

This is such a simple yet thoughtful gift for a sweet friend, or a colleague, the mail lady, or maybe even the woman who sits in front of you at church. There are SO many ways this basket could be a blessing to someone you care about! Who will you uplift with this gift?