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Pastel & Patterns Door Decor

I don’t know about you all, but when I think about the highlights and the positives from these past few months, many of those moments are when I was making something! Whether I was trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, or putting together gifties for friends and neighbors, or getting glitter all over EVERYTHING in an attempt to duplicate a cute craft on Pinterest, a lot of my highlight reel is homemade! I know I know, most of our life stories have taken place at home the last few months, but I am placing more focus on the second part – (home)MADE. Amongst everything that was going on, I still found a happy place in the homemade.

Making, creating, and flexing my mind by working with my hands has always been a source of joy and balance for me. AND if I’m creating something new or working outside my norm, that feeling is sometimes even stronger.
Sisters, I tell you this because that joyful, balanced feeling is soooo good – I want everyone to experience it! I want to encourage you to let your guard down and try something new this month. Maybe you want to make something you’ve never tried your hand at before! If so, I’ve got the perfect project! Eggs-ercise your creativity with this easy peasy pretty piece of DIY decor!

Start with a straw wreath. (A foam wreath or grapevine wreath could potentially work too, you know how we roll – use what you have! If you need a wreath base, they should be available at any craft store.)

Next, bust out your trusty Surebonder glue gun and attach faux spanish moss in bunches using hot glue and floral pins. (We were going for a natural look to the base, but plastic pastel Easter grass could be cute too! Feel free to venture off the map and try something unexpected!) Select a set of colorful eggs to serve as beautiful pastel embellishments on the wreath. You can opt to leave them in their original state, or you can paint a few with simple patterns, or even decoupage a handful with pretty papers! Take the best of all three approaches and let variety be your theme! You know how much we love to mix patterns, just look at the bow we created for a finishing touch – florals & gingham for the win! You really can’t go wrong with any path you take on the eggs. The main thing to remember is to secure everything with your Surebonder glue gun. There is nothing like spending precious time and effort to create something you really love, something you’re really proud of, only to have it fall apart because of a low-quality product. I have always been impressed with the strength and adhesion of my Surebonder glue sticks – and you can imagine we’ve been through a craft or two!

So this month, I hope you find that joyful, balanced feeling trying out something new with Surebonder!

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