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Travel Diary: NOLA

Sharing alllll the details on our insanely gorgeous sping trip to NOLA!

Once a quarter Zoey and I sneak away for a one-on-one trip! Something about leaving work and responsibilities behind and having some fun together is so so important and valuable to us! This quarter we headed down south to the one and only, NOLA! Y’all… what a fun week! Let me tell you about it in case you decided to do the same!

Day 1

We left Nashville around 7am and landed in NOLA around 9am. Upon arriving we called The Higgins Hotel and they so generously allowed us an early check-in. Yall…we dropped the luggage and toured the hotel! It had so much character! Then we headed right out for a yummy brunch at Ruby Red Slipper. It has a bajillion reviews and so we knew it was a “must experience” Cocktails 10/10, Food 10/10, Experience 10/10! After brunch, we did a walking food/history tour with Destination Food Tours. We learned a lot. Our tour guide was the sweetest. His energy had us so excited for the rest of the week! We always love starting our vacations with one of those tours because it gives you a lay of the land! It familiarizes you with the area. And it gives you much appreciation for everything you experience for the rest of the week!

Day 2

We stayed the entire day on Magazine Street! We shopped, we ate, we drank, and we defiantly shopped some more! The most perfect low-key day! We had dinner and drinks at the rooftop bar Rosie’s on the Roof in our hotel. 10/10 day all around. I definitely recommend a visit to Magazine Street. The homes are stunning. The personality of the area is perfection! The stores are all very different but loaded with special treasures and unique finds.

Day 3

This was our French Quarter day. We listened to live jazz music for hours, ate warm beignets, and sipped delicious coffees and cocktails. We ended our night at Commander’s Palace. We visited Bourbon street for a quick drink but did not stay long. I think my college days would have appreciated and loved a visit! HA!

Day 4

It was the perfect day for a rainy restful day. Zoey went to the World War II museum. He loved the Manhattan Project section! He was reminded of all that he learned in school. The museum was right across the street from our hotel. He walked over as I left for the spa. We napped in the afternoon and ordered a pizza for dinner. Maybe it sounds a little lazy… but dinner in bed doesn’t get much better!

I wish I had better and more articulate words to describe how good it was for my heart to make these memories with my lovie! Overall…an incredible week I will never forget!

NOLA is a destination you can absolutely cater to your interests. While it’s been on my bucket list forever I wasn’t necessarily looking for the party scenes all night!! We had our fair share of tasting and drinking experiences but I enjoyed the history, homes, and diversity you experience within the architecture, art, foods, and music.

Again, I can’t recommend enough choosing a nice and comfortable place to stay! If you’re planning to visit NOLA you must stay at The Higgins Hotel! After reaching out they are letting me share a discount code with y’all, too!

Higgins Hotel

The EUREKA RATE at the Higgins Hotel New Orleans: An exclusive $20 discount off prevailing rates. It is our “Eureka” rate, named for the famous boat that Andrew Higgins built that became the boat that won the war!      In order to book this rate, you can call our direct reservations line at 833-357-1172 and ask for the “Eureka Rate”  or click below for online booking instructions:

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