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Easter Sweet Eats

Gorgeous Grassy Grocery Cake

By the time you fix up some form of Easter feast for the family, who feels like messing up the kitchen again to dive into a big DIY dessert. For me, by then my heart is leaning toward something sweet from the Halfway Homemade department! Pick up a regular cake in your favorite flavor from the grocery store. Snag some edible grass and form on the top of the cake like a nest. Nestle perky little Peeps on the inside of the grass nest, and garnish with Easter M&M’s. (Pssst – We got this coconut cake on clearance! No one has to know!)

Bunny Bait

Lure every-bunny to the snack table with this tasty combination of sweet of salty! Start with puffed corn, toss with white melted chocolate, throw in some pretty pastel easter M&M’s, and finish the mix with bright pink animal crackers! Put this in their paws and watch it disappear!
Bonus – Leave someone a sweet surprise on their doorstep!! Bag up a bunch of Bunny Bait, top it off with a cute tag, ribbon, or bow, and make a mad dash to their door to deliver something delicious!

Create your own simple yet sweet spread of tiny treats like chocolate eggs, macaroons, white chocolate drops, and jelly beans!

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