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Spring Break Packing List

Spring Break is supposed to be just that – a BREAK! It’s time to decompress, to relax, to refuel or minds, bodies, and souls! Buuuut if you have ever organized and prepared for a family trip, sometimes stress is a sneaky little devil and pokes its nose in where it isn’t invited! We take on the responsibility to pack for the kids, prepare snacks for the car ride, and organize a daily agenda of fun family activities! And heaven help us attempt to pack for ourselves, sometimes that can be the MOST stressful! All of those things stacked together can quickly take the joy out of a vacation.

Let’s knock out even the possibility of stress over packing with these 5 fabulous trip tips!

1. Pick outfits that make you feel good about yourself girls! That gives you a pep in your step! Pack all the colorful, tassel, & pom pom outfits. You will be taking photos and making memories so make sure you feel good about yourself!

2. Pack all the kiddos’ outfits in Ziploc bags labeled for each day. This way, they can be self-sufficient and less reliant on you to get them ready.

3. Write a packing list for each family member. This will help ensure you don’t forget anything at home or at your vacation site.

4. If flying, divvy up all items and add a few outfits of each person in your family into each bag. If one of the bags happens to get lost, everyone will still have a few items instead of one person having lost everything they packed.

5. If driving, pack snacks individually for each person in the family. Add something extra to build the excitement and make the trip feel extra special!

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