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New Year: Cooking with Jackson Morgan

Happy New Year! Let’s cook with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. This icing recipe is sure to be a hit all year long. Add it to cupcakes, breads, donuts, cake, or just eat it off the spoon. 

What you need:

  • Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Buttercream Icing 
  • 7/8 cups of butter-soft at room temperature 
  • 1.5 cups of powdered sugar 
  • 2 oz Jackson Morgan Southern Cream

What to do:

  1. Beat the butter on low speed until soft
  2. Add sugar on low speed until it’s combined. I like to add a little sugar at a time
  3. Add Jackson Morgan Southern Cream no more than an ounce at a time and again, mix on low speed. 
  4. Once you have combined all the ingredients, your icing is ready!

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