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Make the Most of Winter

This winter season, I want to encourage you to make your home as cozy and comfy for everyone as possible! Bust out those big blankets, fluffy pillows, and soft lit candles – invent an inviting environment! The snowy season sometimes gets a bad rap, but with some intentional planning, this winter will be what we make it! 

Kick things off by hosting a snow day sledding party or making snow cream if weather permits. If snowflakes are not featured in your forecast, no fear! Get creative! 

Organize a DIY Day Spa! Invite the gals over, pass around the nail polish, and enjoy a little relaxation! Take advantage of the down time and actually write letters and thank you cards you’ve had on your to-do list for weeks. How good will that feel to accomplish?! 

Build a winter bonfire outside or fire up your indoor fireplace. Pick up and enjoy seasonal produce that you can’t get any other time of year. Take time in the kitchen to learn to cook up something new. 

Keep spirits lifted with happy books, music, and movies. Play board games with friends and family. Give yourself a personal perk with some cute mittens and earmuffs, or even a bright winter hat! 

Invite a few friends over or surprise your family with a hot chocolate bar featuring all their favorite fixins!

Whatever warms your heart, make the most of the winter days by doing things you love!

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