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Snow-Dipped Oreos

Whether you are making travel-friendly treats to go home with holiday guests or you signed up to send sweet snacks to a school party for your kiddos’ classmates, these Halfway Homemade Snow-Dipped Oreos on a stick will be a seasonal sensation! Gather up your ingredients – Oreos, white candy melts, green candy melts, sucker sticks, and of course – SPRINKLES. Dip the Oreo one-third to halfway down into the melted white chocolate or candy and insert the sucker stick into the creamy center of the cookie. Lay flat on wax paper and drizzle a tiny triangle with the green melts. Add sprinkles while the green tree is still sticky so they will stay put! These simple Halfway Homemade holiday treats would be sooo fun to make as part of a festive family night while you watch your favorite holiday movie! This could really be the start of a cool new “kids-in-the-kitchen” tradition your family can celebrate every Christmas!

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