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Festive Feature Decor with Focus

Mommas, remember that you can adorn your front door with festive realms outside the regular wreath! Find something that lights your soul on fire and let it be the focus of your feature decor! On a recent craft shopping excursion, Creative Director Jenn came across a small nativity scene ornament that just touched her heart in a way she couldn’t describe in words. She knew she had to incorporate this tiny trinket into a precious craft project somehow! As she continued her rounds about the store, the idea started to take shape. She snagged the largest embroidery hoop available, a roll of ribbon, a few small bottle brush trees, and some greenery.

Jenn brought all the project pieces over to my house, she knew this was a job for my trusty and reliable Surebonder glue gun! To ensure the precious nativity scene stayed securely in its place, not just any adhesive would do. All the pieces were put into place at the base of the hoop and attached. (If you adore this idea, we suggest selecting items that are lightweight as your feature to ensure they adhere and hold properly. You may also opt to make a smaller version – whatever fits your space!)

This festive feature decor with focus on the Reason for the Season can adorn your dooray, an accent wall, space above your fireplace, or anywhere you wish to highlight your handy work!

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