Finding Joy in the Journey

Girls, this ride we call life has certainly been a roller coaster lately, hasn’t it?! Equally as unpredictable, in life we throw our hands in the air and squeal with joy when it’s good, and we put a death grip on the Oh Crap handle when it gets tough. But hey, that’s life! 

Brittany and Brady
Brittany and Brady playing with soap bubbles

It’s been an incredible, crazy year or so sprinkled with celebrations and life-altering moments. Through it all, ups and downs, we have to trust in God’s plan. We may not have seen any of it coming, but we have to remain faithful and trust that our story is already written. Not every situation was or will be sprinkle-worthy, but still we can celebrate through the downhill slopes! Those moments just make reaching the peaks feel so much higher, and help us appreciate all the amazing opportunities to intentionally celebrate that much more. 

Mommas, we all have curve balls thrown at us. The thing to remember is while they are curve balls to us, they are not curve balls to God. We may think we want to call the shots and be in control, but we don’t need to be in control. So when it comes to this unpredictable roller coaster of life – Buckle me in, I’m ready for the ride!

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September 2021 magazine cover with Brittany in beautiful olive green dress.