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A Basket of Tulips

Welp, if you haven’t already noticed, Tulips are kind of a big deal at the Certified Celebrator house! Not only does Jenn bring new stems anytime we have a shoot day in the Spring, I always grab some while at the grocery. They are very affordable and I think they are so pretty and fun to look at!

Rather than using a vase to display them this Easter, we went with a grapevine garland that was purchased at a local craft store. To create the basket look, you will need to gently separate the garland in an upward motion to your desired height. The height depends on your vessel. Basically, you want your grapevine wreath to cover the vessel in which your tulips are in. Another trick we found useful when creating this basket, was to use the tape method on the top of your vessel in order to place the tulips exactly where you want them. The tape method is a grid created at the top of the vase/vessel and this is commonly used at flower shops. Can you imagine the statement this Tulip Basket will make as the centerpiece of your Easter Brunch!! 

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