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Fresh-Squeezed Spring Afternoon

A relaxing, refreshing, enjoyable spring afternoon is a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade on the front porch with your bestie watching the kids play… Can I get an Amen?! I also admit I can 100% appreciate an afternoon alone on the back deck with a good book and a cool crisp glass of lemonade. To each their own, right?! Give the gift of their personalized perfect afternoon with this gorgeous glass pitcher full of spring things!

We love this functional beverage pitcher as the outer packaging for a few fun frills! Tuck in routine items with a seasonal spin – possibly a kitchen towel with a spring theme, a cute wooden spoon, a handful of lemons, maybe even a handy lemon squeezer! Our team agreed that we adore the functionality and versatility of this gift. Similar to our love for apothecary jars, the pitcher could serve so many purposes… Traditional beverage dispenser, flower vase, Easter candy jar, decor stack with favorite books – the possibilities are endless! However, you put together the pitcher present, we hope the heartfelt scripture card will be the sprinkles on top. As Sprinkle Sisters, we truly believe this verse – “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.” Of course, we adore using our cards to accompany a gift, but we can always add a handwritten custom message on the back and the sentiment is certainly enough to stand alone and show you care!

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