Simple Back to School

While the nerdy, stationary-loving side of me looks forward to and adores everything about the supplies and organizational aspect of “Back to School” season, the sale aisles lined with colorful notebooks and folders with pens to match and binders to hold it all… my heart just flutters!
Buuuuuuuut my favorite thing about Back to School season is much more simple. Even the coolest Lisa Frank stuff (anyone else rock her rad rainbow Trapper-Keeper in grade school?!) cannot beat what tops my list…

Those magical momma moments are now second to none.
Okay, I’m biased, for ME they are momma moments, you can call them whatever you want.
And they can be small and simple or big and outrageous! These moments that we pause and commemorate that our babies are growing and heading off to big things and important places (feeling like I’m channeling my inner Dr. Seuss):

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”

I love to see proud parents sharing all their First Day photos with the variety of scenes they create or moments they capture. We did a really simple set up made up mainly of things we already had. We hung an easy peasy banner, stacked a few books under our Alphabet Magnet Flower Vase, drug out the flashcards, and a few other trinkets and that’s about it – which is totally okay!

The little scholar you are celebrating is the main factor!
So even if you do a simple B2S set up OR even if you don’t and you just capture a magic moment (like the kids waving to you as they get on the bus!) you achieved the most important aspect – celebrating a milestone for your child.

Stick a Pin in this idea to save it for later! 🙂

We love to celebrate our kiddos! If you’re interested in incorporating more intentional ways to throw confetti with your kids, check out our monthly digital magazine Celebrate with Sprinkles!