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DIY A+ Atmosphere

Brittany setting up her A+ atmosphere!

Set the scene for school success with this decorative DIY backdrop! It is so easy peasy that anyone can earn an A+ (at least for effort, can I get an Amen?!) on this crisp, crafty creation! Pick up a package of red round paper or plastic plates. Cut cute leaves from green construction paper and glue to the rim of the plates. Use painters tape to attach the plates to your accent wall in rows. To wrap up this red delicious decor, use our included printable back-to-school banner.

Bonus – If your fam is up for a little extra fun, select a few of the plates and tape a small “prize” to the back. Each time one of your kiddos comes home and shares a story from their day, or gets a good grade on an assignment, or a week goes by with no negative notes home – let them pick a plate off the wall. Play along until all the plates are gone! This is a fun little win-win for everyone; parents are more connected with kids’ school experiences and kids receive prizes for a job well done! Plus, if you’re like me, I have such a hard time deciding when to take decor down. This tiny extra step turns that chore into family fun!

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