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Focus on Friendship This Fall

Kick-off the season by celebrating your starting lineup starring your most dependable teammates. Fall is a time to consider all our blessings and ponder on what we are truly thankful for. For most, the last 18 months or so has been (and perhaps continues to be) a challenging time that none of us really saw coming. If you asked me back in 2016 where I thought I’d be in 5 years, I could’ve never guessed this reality. What better time than the present to celebrate the people that played a role in our unexpected story? It’s easy to be friendly and supportive when things are going as planned. But the bonds that were built or burrowed through the challenges are the ones we want to focus on this fall.

Fall Friendship Celebration set up with Jackson Morgan.

Whether it was the distant diva that dove into your DM’s weekly to make sure you were still surviving, the coworker that lead an encouraging and supportive group text with you and others on your floor (complete with crazy hilarious memes), or the sweet neighbor that checked on your mom when you couldn’t be close enough to care for her in-person regularly. That’s what the best teammates do, they show up, in the big things and small things, whenever we need them most. Those humble humans deserve some token of our appreciation and recognition, agree?!  This fall, we are letting those individuals know they are #1 on our support squad with sips of sweet salted caramel! We are starry-eyed for this fall flavor by Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. Pick up an extra ticket to the stadium and splurge on soda and popcorn, or catch the game from the front row (aka your sofa) and share some Halfway Homemade treats with your helpful friend. 

Jackson Morgan in Salted Caramel is a fall favorite flavor.

Cheers to true teamwork and supportive souls with chilled glasses of salted caramel whiskey cream, sensational enough to sip straight or blend with ice cream for a sweet victory shake!

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