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Galentine’s Gathering

Greetings Gal Pals!

I wanted to share some sweet ways that you can celebrate your sisters this Galentine’s Day! Enjoy fun and fellowship with your favorite females and further build upon those forever friendships!

Celebrate your sisterhood with a sweet ice cream station!
Stack up scoops onto cones or spoon ’em out in sundaes!

Set out a smorgasbord of selections when it comes to toppings and watch the smiles twinkle!

Card companies are hopping on board with the celebration of Galentine’s Day and there is a plehtora of pretty printed materials available to gift to your gorgeous gal pals!

Keep it simple with a spread of sweets on a snack board! Find out your friends’ favorites and include in your sweet feast!

Snap some silly shots and selfies to celebrate your Galentine’s Gathering!

If your sister circle wants to use this day for strength instead of sweets, that works too! Catch a workout together at your local gym, or just pop in a yogo DVD and put in a sweat session at home! OR … (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.. wink wink) close the curtains, turn your Bruno Mars WAAAY up, push the furniture out of the way and turn your living room into a dance club for you and your divas!

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