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Add a Bow – Ready to Go!

I recently had a life altering experience I felt I should share with you.
I tried Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, and it completely redefined my idea of blissful happiness.
This delicious delight introduced me to a state of edible enchantment I had never known… And now I wonder how I’ve made it this far in life without it..

Dear Cookie Butter – Let’s stay together, forever!
xoxo, Brittany

I have had friends ask me what the big deal is. Like, what exactly does Cookie Butter taste like?
This is like asking what love is or how you know that he’s “The One”. Haha!
I only know to say you have to experience it yourself to understand it 😉
As the name suggests, it is like a jar of spreadable speculoos cookies.
AKA delicious delight AKA edible enchantment AKA the definition of love
Take your pick!
There are few things in life that I can confidently say are so magnificent that you can just “Add a Bow and Go!” and it be an acceptable gift. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter has officially made the list! So pick up a jar (or 5) at the Trader Joe’s near you!

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