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Joy in the Momma Moments

Hey there mommas! I’m just poppin’ by with a wink, a wave, and a friendly reminder to press pause and take a breath. Isn’t it kinda funny that we recognize the need to remind each other to do this? I have soul sisters that reach out and nudge me on this note every so often as well and I’m sooo thankful for them! I feel like we can get so caught up and even covered up in the go, go, go that we forget to come up for air! Let’s pinky promise to look out for each other and extend polite little post-it size reminders to take even a tiny time-out for ourselves, deal?! I don’t know about you, but I rejoice when the window of opportunity arises for me to pause for a little momma moment.

Stack of Russell Stover Joy Bites bars.

My love language is sweets, I maaaay have revealed this to you before, tee-hee 🙂 So even when I’m showing myself a lil love, it is often in the form of small sweet indulgences. Like a lot of chocolate lovers, I am in a long running relationship with Russell Stover. Recently, the beloved brand released a new collection of no sugar added chocolate bars that also boast no added colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives! These Joy Bites really live up to their name as a smile seriously comes across my mouth with every morsel! The bars conveniently break into bite-size pieces and are available in five flavors or varieties, each wrapped in 100% recyclable materials.

When we want to press pause for a little self-care, we don’t always have the time to schedule a whole spa day experience or what not, am I right? Realistically, it looks more like a fleeting  “momma moment” in time, which makes reaching in your bag for a Joy Bite bar so much more practical! We know we cannot pour into others from an empty vessel, so when you pause for a momma moment I encourage you to fill your vessel with joy!

Brittany relaxing in a momma moment with Russell Stover Joy Bites.

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