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Celebrate Every Season & Occasion

Birthday box with Jackson Morgan Whipped Orange Cream

Around here, we look for reasons to celebrate every. single. day. Some reasons are much more obvious, outlined by bold fonts and dates on the calendar, like annual holidays and events. Other reasons and occasions are more sporadic and impromptu, like work promotions, alma mater wins, and last car payments. Some celebrations we pull out all the stops, and others are more intimate and informal, but all celebrated with their moment in the limelight.
You know what else we celebrate around here? EACH OTHER. We love the opportunity to support other wonder women that are working hard, warming homes, and uplifting loved ones. We hold strong to the inspiring quote “Empowered women empower women.” And you know what, we see you! We see you celebrating big and small. We see you going all out making monstrous moments, and doing mini yet memorable acts of kindness. We applaud your versatility and ability to gauge when to elevate an event or keep things small scale.
Recognizing women and our rainbow range of awesomeness reminds me of my favorite celebration libation. Like our most-beloved pair of black yoga pants, acclaimed for their ability to be worn from desk to dinner, Jackson Morgan Southern Cream is an appropriate choice for toasting any occasion. From swanky soiree to easy going gathering, Southern Cream will always be fitting for filling your cup! Sipped from crystal stemware or a striped straw, Jackson Morgan is the top selection. Like the wonder women in our worlds, Jackson Morgan Southern Cream has the ability to adapt and thrive in any situation, so be sure to serve swigs of JMSC at your next celebration!

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